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    Learnotoonz is a fun, comic series based on the things that we politely lie to ourselves and to each other about in the L&D domain… A humorous expression of our very serious commitment to strong pedagogy and good design.

    In our industry, the tentative design proposed initially becomes something that both parties are contractually committed to for reasons other than design quality. And then in the middle of a project, when all stakeholders are already invested, we collectively may not have a chance to honestly and expertly do a design critique. The most we end up doing is seeking consensus from stakeholders about whether they ‘like’ the design. But design whose yardstick is popularity just results in fads, with very questionable technical value.

    We, therefore, end up executing sub-par solutions at some point or the other. After that, it’s even harder to step back and do an objective, honest and fair design evaluation; to not obscurely say “we did what we could” or to cynically dismiss it as “something we had no choice in”, or to blindly justify it as “the need of the hour”.

    Learnotoonz is an effort to break the bad habits, to step back as a profession and own the flaws – especially the popular and common ones in learning design. This is self-criticism in an honest and educated manner by practitioners in the field.

    LEARNING and INNOVATION have truly been your mantras; and your third mantra which we, as customers, have always experienced is CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

    Shiv Shankar CEO – Aim English (India)

    It was a pleasure working with Learnnovators. The end product we received was above our expectations. I found the entire production cycle to be systematic, professional and of high quality.
    I highly recommend Learnnovators for your e-learning needs.

    Aparna Desai Project Manager, ITAD Group Australia (India)

    Working with Learnnovators in developing e-learning modules has been a pleasure. They are not just a supplier but a highly committed sparring partner.

    Signe Skovbo Marketing Consultant, Grundfos Holding A/S (Denmark)

    We selected Learnnovators as our key partner for a large interactive
    curriculum project and were absolutely delighted with the quality of their work. Their communication, adherence to project deadlines and overall commitment to the project was also first class. Learnnovators redefined the meaning of 'going the extra mile!

    Steve Cox Owner-Founder, Aegom Interactive LLC (USA)

    We have used Learnnovators a couple of times now, and each time they have delivered on time and within budget to the highest standards.

    Mike Beadsmoore Consultant Special Projects, Steria (UK)

    Learnnovators shows a great overall conception on the tech information industry and communicates fluently with customers, striving to provide them with the latest tools and means for developing product information. We have been a client to them for four years and received nothing but first-class service.

    Pasi Savola Business Developer

    “It was great working with Learnnovators. The team has been able to produce quality work with passion (+patience), dedication and great follow up. If you are looking for a ‘partner’ and not just another ‘provider’, and more importantly, people you can trust and collaborate with to meet key objectives and project requirements – you will enjoy working with Learnnovators. I recall our clients telling us our e-learning programs look awesome, work brilliantly and are highly interactive (more interesting than their existing programs). Without Learnnovators’ creativity, dedication and support – this will not be highlighted.”

    Mitchel Quek Customer Experience, UP! Your Service (Singapore)

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