Learnnovators Walks The POSH Talk With Dr. Rajini Sriraman


Learnnovators, a global leader in e-learning, has Dr. Rajini Sriraman, Vice President – Human Resources & Admin at Esskay Design & Structures Pvt. Ltd., as the guest in the latest edition of “Walking the POSH Talk with Learnnovators” – their interview series with HR leaders in India aimed at sharing the POSH compliance experiences at their workplaces with the community.

In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Rajini Sriraman offers many valuable takeaways on making organizations safe for women. In addition to the success stories and the best practices that she and her organization have been adopting so far, she also shares her insights on the challenges faced by the community in
general with the present POSH law, and her recommendations to address the same. Her thoughts on how Esskay is making the workplace not just safe and inclusive for women, but also a great place to work for all employees, is absolutely inspiring.

The full interview with Dr. Rajini Sriraman is available HERE.


Dr. Rajini Sriraman is the Vice President – HR & Admin at Esskay Design & Structures Pvt. Ltd. She is a senior psychologist and a human resources leader with over 20 years of versatile organizational expertise.

Dr. Rajini Sriraman is a people-oriented, passionate facilitator and a competent communicator who has created robust development programs that led to sustainable people and organizational transformations. With extensive experience of working with people across diverse cultures and industries, she has converted strategies to actions and enabled institutions to move in progressive directions.

Dr. Rajini Sriraman has developed several psychometric tools and applied them in various groups and facilitations to bring about quick and lasting change in people. With an intrapreneurial attitude, she has led breakthrough initiatives and programs across industries.

Dr. Rajini Sriraman is the Chief Architect of the Diversity & Inclusion through Women Allies (DIWA) – Pfizer India Women network, which works with a vision to advance female talent in an inclusive manner. She has also led the Internal Complaints Committee of Pfizer India as its Chairperson for 5 years.


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