Chennai (India)

Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company in India, has launched a series of ‘off-the-shelf’ online courses on Workplace Etiquette. Branded as ‘Etiquette Trilogy’, the series comprises of three courses – E-Mail Etiquette, Business Etiquette and Dining Etiquette.

Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-Founder of Learnnovators, says “We felt a strong need to design courses that could boost the career prospects of aspiring, enthusiastic talents who are eager to make it big for themselves. These courses focus on those aspects of workplace etiquette that are critical for a young executive’s professional success.

He further adds, “Keeping these young talents in mind, we have designed the courses in an ‘easy-to-relate’ style, peppering them with catchy visuals and ‘real-life’ analogies. They are fun to go through, yet, they effectively convey the significance of the etiquette rules”.

The 30 minute course on E-Mail Etiquette explains how emails act as the extension of one’s personality. And, it explains how to craft mails to perfection, so they could help the recipients ‘know’ the sender through them. It also helps the learners appreciate the importance of addressing their recipients personally, being concise and crisp in their messages by using a well-structured layout, spelling out the purpose of their mails in the subject field, taking care while attaching large files, concluding their mails well and much more.

The 60 minute course on Business Etiquette describes how nurturing relationships at work could help one attain professional stardom. It shows learners ways by which they could strike great chords with both their colleagues and clients through verbal and non-verbal communication skills, personal branding, networking and many such techniques.

The 45 minute course on Dining Etiquette shows how maintaining good table manners could help one succeed in one’s business endeavours. It further helps learners with tips on how they could internalize key dining etiquettes and turn the proceedings of business luncheons in their favour. It discusses the importance of one’s minding table manners, choosing the right meal appropriate to the time of the day, knowing table settings, learning various meal courses and much more.

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