Learnnovators Launches Learnotoonz!


Learnnovators, a global leader in e-learning, presents Learnotoonz, a fun, web comic series based on the things that we politely lie to ourselves and to each other about in the L&D domain. The often snarky, sometimes outrageous Learnotoonz strips will feature poor design practices and ways of working that adversely affect design efficiency.

Learnotoonz is a humorous expression of Learnnovators’ very serious commitment to strong pedagogy and good design.

In our industry, the tentative design proposed initially becomes something that both parties are contractually committed to for reasons other than design quality. And then in the middle of a project, when all stakeholders are already invested, we collectively may not have a chance to honestly and expertly do a design critique. The most we end up doing is seeking consensus from stakeholders about whether they ‘like’ the design. But design whose yardstick is popularity just results in fads, with very questionable technical value.

We have all therefore executed sub-par solutions at some point or the other. After that, it’s even harder to step back and do an objective, honest and fair design evaluation; to not obscurely say “we did what we could” or to cynically dismiss it as “something we had no choice in”, or to blindly justify it as “the need of the hour”.

But doing the wrong thing enough times still makes it a convention, still makes it a habit.

Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-Founder of Learnnovators, says “Learnotoonz is an effort to break the bad habits, to step back as a profession and own the flaws – especially the popular and common ones in learning design. This is self-criticism in an honest and educated manner by practitioners in the field.

We are thrilled to share Learnotoonz with you and invite you to tell us your own observations and experiences that are fodder for a wry chuckle followed by some serious design thinking.


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Learnnovators helps clients address skill and performance gaps in their workforce by creating customized learning solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Whether it is choosing the best mode of learning techniques tailored to organizational objectives, or creating customized content, or designing interactive modules with the help of games or simulations, Learnnovators has implemented innumerable programs to the satisfaction of a clientele spread across South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America. These solutions have been deployed on a variety of contexts and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, interactive white boards, interactive kiosks, etc. Learnnovators has also crafted several just-in-time, micro-learning modules and performance-support solutions for clients.

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