Learnnovators Gazes Into the Future of Workplace Learning with Cammy Bean


Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company in India, has Cammy Bean, a thought leader in the learning industry and the author of The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age – second edition (ATD Press, 2023), as the guest in the latest edition of Crystal Balling with Learnnovators – their thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of learning.

In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Cammy Bean shares her insights on the challenges she had faced in the past being an accidental instructional designer herself. She explains her views on how Artificial Intelligence is all set to revolutionize the way we design and deliver our learning solutions today. Cammy’s advice to learning designers on dealing with the disruptions getting triggered by AI, is highly thought-provoking. “You might start off as a “junior instructional designer” and then one day find yourself account managing a wide portfolio of Learning Content Clients for Kineo and writing books. You never know where this field will take you; the possibilities are practically endless!” was Cammy’s reflection on the future of workplace learning in 2023 and beyond.

‘Cammy Bean – Crystal-Balling with Learnnovators’ is available HERE.


Cammy Bean accidentally became an instructional designer in 1996 and has since collaborated with hundreds of organizations to design and deliver training programs. She’s worked at small startups, mid-sized training companies, boutique elearning shops, and as a freelance instructional designer.

An English and German Studies major in college, she found an affinity for writing and making complex ideas and concepts clear to an audience. In 2009, she helped start up US operations for Kineo, a global provider of learning solutions. Originally the VP of Learning Design for Kineo, she is currently a Senior Solutions Consultant, leading the North American sales team, supporting clients through the initial discovery process, and managing custom client accounts to help organizations meet their strategic business objectives through better learning solutions.

Cammy is the author of The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age – second edition (ATD Press, 2023).


Learnnovators is a multiple-award winning organization that specializes in the design and development of innovative and engaging learning solutions for the workplace. Since its inception in 2003, they have successfully delivered and deployed over 15,000 hours of learning content in 50+ languages for 200+ clients across a wide range of industry verticals including Advertising, Automotive, Banking, Defence, Education, Engineering, Glass Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, HR Services, Insurance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy, Oil and Gas, Retail, Safety, Soft Skills and Telecom.

Learnnovators helps clients address skill and performance gaps in their workforce by creating customized learning solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Whether it is choosing the best mode of learning techniques tailored to organizational objectives, or creating customized content, or designing interactive modules with the help of games or simulations, Learnnovators has implemented innumerable programs to the satisfaction of a clientele spread across South Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America. These solutions have been deployed on a variety of contexts and devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, interactive white boards, interactive kiosks, etc. Learnnovators has also crafted several just-in-time, micro-learning modules and performance-support solutions for clients.

Learnnovators’ core competencies are in the areas of Custom eLearningMobile LearningGamified LearningBlended LearningFlash To HTML5 ConversionLocalization, and Moodle Customization. They also offer a Learning Management System, Learnospace.