Chennai (India)

Learnnovators, a leading e-learning company in India, has Geoff Stead, Head of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, as the guest in the latest edition of “Crystal Balling with Learnnovators” – their thought-provoking interview series that attempts to gaze into the future of mobile learning.

Geoff is the Head of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, where he and his team use emerging mobile technologies to explore, innovate and champion how they should be used to enhance learning, and working. He uses these tools to support, and enhance the working lives of all Qualcomm employees, as well as sharing successes with the wider mobile learning community. One of the earliest developers of Mobile Learning, he has been creating innovative mobile tools and techniques with educators across the globe since 2001.

In this exclusive interview with Learnnovators, Geoff Stead shares his wonderful insights on how the emerging mobile technologies and capabilities of smart phones could power up mobile learning. He also shares his advice to learning designers on the techniques to scale up to meet the challenges of designing learning interventions for this ubiquitous learning age. Equally valuable is his advice to organizations who wish to integrate mobile learning with their e-learning strategy to improve productivity! Geoff’s foresights on the future of mobile learning and the interesting shifts happening in the learning paradigms are truly thought-provoking. “Mobile is full of exciting technologies, and approaches that can help us transform how we teach, work and learn. We just need more passionate educators to think bigger, and fit them into our learning.” was Geoff’s message to the learning community and the industry in this age where mobile learning is powering up the traditional classroom learning.

According to Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-Founder of Learnnovators, “We are greatly honoured to have Geoff as our guest in our interview series today. This interview will help the learning community benefit from the valuable foresights that Geoff shares about the future of mobile learning.”

‘Geoff Stead – Crystal-Balling with Learnnovators’ is available HERE.