Learnnovators Conducts Workshop on Instructional Design for Sundaram Finance


Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, conducted a workshop on Instructional Design for executives of Sundaram Finance.

The workshop, conducted between 2nd January and 4th January 2020, sought to inculcate the right way of thinking and approaching a learning project, starting from setting goals, right up to evaluating the results of the learning program. It covered a wide spectrum of topics and the latest thinking in the industry, distilling the ideas of thought leaders from across the world.

Some of the topics covered in the program include goal setting, incorporating practice sessions, an overview of how the memory works, the types of cognitive load, and what instructional designers can do to handle each type of load, how to leverage emotions in learning. The 70:20:10 framework was also covered in detail, and formed a pivotal point of discussion during the workshop.

It was received well, and garnered positive reviews from participants.

A follow-up session, conducted two weeks after the initial session, served as a recap as well as a nudge to participants.


Sundaram Finance Limited is among the fastest growing financial and investment service providers in India, growing at an annual rate of 26% for the past three years. The company offers loans on retail vehicles and construction equipment, as well as consumer loans, wealth management, commercial finance, and infrastructure finance, among others.


Learnnovators is a multiple-award winning organization that specializes in the design and development of innovative and engaging learning solutions for the workplace. Since its inception in 2003, they have successfully delivered and deployed over 12,000 hours of learning content for a wide range of industry verticals including Advertising, Automotive, Banking, Defence, Education, Engineering, Glass Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, HR Services, Insurance, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy, Oil and Gas, Retail, Safety, Soft Skills and Telecom.

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