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    Learnnovators offers an e-learning course to help your organisation stay compliant with the POSH Act of 2013, while providing an engaging learning experience for your employees. This course, powered by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled chatbot, offers strategies to help employees identify and recognize sexual harassment, and deal with it in the workplace.

    The course is invaluable for organisations that:

    • Want to comply with the provisions of the POSH Act of 2013 (which is mandatory for all organisations with >9 employees
    • Aspire to foster a respectful and positive work environment that is devoid of any form of sexual harassmen
    • Are looking to provide a unique and engaging means for employees to learn about sexual harassment

    The Background

    Sexual harassment at the workplace continues to be widely prevalent, and yet is one of the most under-reported crimes in India and across the world. A primary reason for this is the lack of awareness, both by ‘victims’ as well as ‘perpetrators’, on what constitutes sexual harassment, and the action to be taken when faced with it.

    The POSH Act

    The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act of 2013 (the POSH Act of 2013) requires organisations in India with 10 or more employees to:

    • Educate their staff on sexual harassment
    • Institute an Internal Committee to deal with any case of sexual harassment
    • Train the management on how to handle such cases


    Driven through scenarios that help understand the topic in the context of realistic situations


    AI-powered chatbot that answers questions and alleviates concerns on the topic


    Designed to help organisations comply with the provisions of the POSH Act of 2013


    Individual modules for employees and management


    White labeled to match your organisation’s branding needs and specifications


    Hosted on Learnospace, our LMS, to easily manage learning in your organisation


    Learnnovators’ course on Prevention of Sexual Harassment comprises two modules, targeted at Employees and Management respectively. Additionally, a host of optional services are offered to provide organisations with the needed support to fully comply with the POSH Act of 2013, and to make their workplaces safer.

    The Employees module helps raise awareness about sexual harassment in an effective but sensitive manner, and nudge participants to initiate action if and when faced with it.

    The module is highly interactive and scenario-driven, allowing participants to understand sexual harassment in the context of realistic situations.

    Optionally, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot sits on top of the module, answering questions and alleviating concerns on the topic.

    This module will help participants:

    • Recognize sexual harassment and its underlying behaviours
    • Identify the different types of sexual harassment
    • Raise a complaint should the need arise

    An assessment is available at the end of the module, on successful completion of which, participants will be able to download a certificate.

    Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

    This module is meant for management staff, who need additional training and tools to:

    • Set up an Internal Complaints Committee
    • Properly handle cases of sexual harassment, if and when they occur
    • Generate reports and submit them to the concerned authorities as per norms

    This module will help participants understand:

    • The history and intent behind the POSH ACT OF 2013
    • The responsibilities of an employer
    • The process to be followed for redressalThe reporting requirements

    Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

    Well-designed online training can go a long way in raising awareness and helping employees deal with sexual harassment. However, as an organisation committed to ensuring harassment-free workplaces, we offer the following additional, optional services:

    • Gender-sensitisation training (face-to-face)
    • Help with drafting an anti-harassment policy
    • Consulting to form an Internal Committee
    • Deep-dive training to handle and investigate harassment cases (face-to-face)


    Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)
    Module 1: For Employees
    Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)
    Module 2: For Management


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