THE QUOTE: “The key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time

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The key to success is getting people to do the right thing at the right time.” – Michael W. Allen, CEO, Allen Interactions


Where is e-learning heading?

If you had been following us, you would already know that it’s almost a year since we started publishing our Crystal Balling interview series with some of the great masters in the e-learning industry. This campaign that we launched on 15th November 2013 was the culmination of our die-hard commitment to promote ‘good learning’. The interview series comprise stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on the emerging trends in the learning landscape.

As you would know, some of the questions we want to explore through this initiative are:

  • What does future learning look like?
  • How would people learn in future?
  • Where is our industry headed?

‘Crystal Balling with Learnnovators’ has been our quest for answers to these questions.

Today, as this wonderful journey of ours is crossing a major milestone, we wish to take a look back at our little journey, which presented us with some great learnings about ‘learning’. We want to stop here for a moment to give you a quick recap on what we have been sharing with the community.

Since, like you, we too love quotes for the power they possess to inspire us, we wish to share some of the brilliant insights and foresights that we received from these experts in the interviews, in the form of quotes. Because they:

  • Stimulate our ‘thinking’
  • Inspire us to push for a ‘change’
  • Motivate us to think ‘different’
  • Spark a ‘debate’

We also wish to present our findings on some of the incredible resources for inspiring e-learning quotes from others in the industry that we have curated for you in this journey.

So, here we go…



  • We need to stop being order takers and instead analyze the performance problem and identify all the ways to solve that problem, many of which likely include providing just-in-time support, often online.” – Cathy Moore (From our interview with her)
  • Yes, we are pushed into non-blended solutions but hey, we’re supposed to be the experts. We should expect our clients to offer us problems to solve, not the solutions themselves.” – Clive Shepherd (From our interview with him)
  • The research isn’t heartening. We’re still seeing an avoidance of social learning, the continual use of courses as the only solution, and consequently organizations that can’t adapt fast enough…This need to change.” – Clark Quinn (From our interview with him)
  • My true inspiration is my desire to share and learn from the members of the eLearning community. ” – Christopher Pappas (From our interview with him)
  • Another important thing to remember is that one training event is not sufficient for people to transfer learning to new situations. If you are seeking strong retention and learning transfer, people need distributed learning and performance support.” – Connie Malamed (From our interview with her)
  • Some learning and talent professionals, together with some organisations, are finding it a challenge to make changes from these age-old HR and learning practices. However, it is inevitable that they will need to adopt new ways of learning to support new ways of working sooner rather than later.” – Charles Jennings (From our interview with him)
  • One of the skills in creating e-learning courses was the story-telling dimension. This changes with mobile. ” – Geoff Stead (From our interview with him)
  • You can see an evident shift from formal curriculum-based learning to informal just-in-time learning, and this is just the beginning!” – Pooja Jaisingh (From our interview with her)
  • The future of e-Learning is wide open! Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. It happens everywhere through a number of different channels.” – Eric Schuermann (From our interview with him)
  • My first piece of advice is to play games. You cannot think about gamification or be comfortable implementing gamification techniques if you do not play games.” – Karl Kapp (From our interview with him)
  • Articulate makes software, but it’s the users who come up with best practices and techniques that help make efficient production.” – Tom Kuhlmann (From our interview with him)
  • One of the criticisms that eLearning platforms face is that their Experience API implementation is nothing but SCORM in disguise, and these tools are not really leveraging the power of the Experience API. So I think we will see the next evolution in that area. ” – Janhavi Padture (From our interview with her)
  • We’re only just scratching the surface of what’s possible (with Tin Can API).” – Mike Rustici (From our interview with him)


  • 15 Tweetable Quotes from e-Learning Professionals: This brilliant collection of quotes from Allen Interactions includes quotes on the change required in our very thinking of ‘learning’. You can share these tweetable quotes with your community.
  • 16 Inspiring e-Learning Quotes: This collection from SHIFT eLearning includes brilliant insights from some of the great names in the e-learning industry such as Michael Allen, Jane Bozarth and Elliot Masie.
  • 21 Inspiring Quotes & Thoughts On Mobile Learning: This is another great compilation (in the form of a beautiful slide desk) from Amit Garg of Upside Learning, carrying inspiring thoughts and quotes on mobile learning from industry thought leaders such as Ray Kurzweil, Clark Quinn and Geoff Stead.
  • eLearning Quotes: This prezi presentation by Robin Holt contains inspirational e-learning quotes. The annotations, references and additional notes attached to each of the quotes make for a constructive read.
  • 12 Quotes on Why Video Works for eLearning: This list of quotes from Brendan Cournoyer of Brainshark is a unique compilation of thoughts from trainers, bloggers and instructional designers on just how valuable video has become to the world of eLearning.
  • E-Learning Quotes: Here is a simple but cute little video from Michael Higley-Vance that takes you through some of the interesting quotes from experts such as Lucy Morgan and Jay Cross, highlighting the benefits of e-learning over other delivery models.
  • 20 Incredible Mobile Learning Quotes: Our post here carries a curated collection of some of the most important thoughts from our interviews (Crystal Balling Series) and our blog posts on mobile learning (in the form of excerpts).

Before we conclude, here are a few resources that contain quotes on (general) ‘learning’:

  • 101 Inspirational Learning Quotations: This e-book from Learning Pool is an excellent compilation of learning quotations from famous scholars, philosophers, actors, writers and political leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford and Eric Schmidt. The book with its incredible illustrations makes for a valuable reference material.
  • 20 thought-provoking quotes on e-learning and education: This collection of 20 powerful quotes from Abhash Kumar (through YourStory) is picked up from the best moments of a Google Hangout session that was conducted involving some of the big names in education and social media to discuss recent trends that are doing rounds in the world of education.
  • 14 Incredible Informal & Social Learning Quotes: Here is our post carrying a curated collection of some of the most important thoughts from our interviews (Crystal Balling Series) and our blog posts on informal and social learning (in the form of excerpts).

We hope this compilation of quotes help stimulate your ‘thinking’. Some of these, we’re sure, would also motivate you to think ‘different’ and inspire you to aspire for a ‘change’.

What are your favourite quotes? What are some of the other interesting resources that you would like to share with us?

We would love to hear from you.

Written by Santhosh Kumar


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